to my favorite person on earth

Having good friends is a great thing.

Having a best friend is everything.

Friendship is one of life’s most precious gifts. To have a friend is to learn compassion and love in one of the purest forms. So to my best friend on your special day, this one is for you:

Dear Cheryl,

I can’t believe you turn 18 today. Wow.  It seems like just yesterday you were the new girl at church that I invited to my 2nd-grade slumber party. Who would’ve known what a friendship would ensue from that weekend oh so many years ago?

From playing with our Webkinz, to 3-hour long phone calls talking about life and boys, to singing/screaming along to Taylor Swift in the car (and having a near-death experience nearly every time!), to celebrating first everythings, going on college tours, and so much more.

You are everything I’m not. Your warmth, grace, and optimism contrast my Type-A don’t-you-dare-hug-me hostile realist.  Your innate passion to help others, to always put others first and yourself last, is the most beautiful thing about you and why I love you more than you know.

Through the funny moments, the embarrassing moments, and all the ones in between, you have been there for me— always. Whether it was calling me 32 times on that rough night, or screaming over Facetime with me the moment I became a HuffPost Contributor, I am so grateful to have you as my biggest fan.

You know me. You know my strengths, my flaws, my oh so many imperfections, and you love me anyway. Thank you. Over these past 11 years, we’ve had our ups and downs, and yet you stay by my side. Thank you. Your passion, your love, your beauty, your kindness— everything about you inspires me. Thank you.

Wherever the road may lead, wherever our futures may take us, right now in this very moment having you as my best friend is one of the greatest privileges of my life. We’re messy and we’re dumb, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

May your 18th birthday be full of adventures, memories, and chicken tenders.

Happy Birthday Cheryl, I love you to the sun and back girl.

aswathi mariam thomas 🙂


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